TFT Tier List 13.23 :
Navigating the Star-Studded Galaxy

Summoners, the galaxies of TFT are ever-evolving, and with the unfolding of patch 13.23, the celestial stage has once again transformed. Embark on a journey with us through our comprehensive TFT Tier List, an insightful guide to mastering the latest meta dynamics and champion shifts.

RankNameTierCostWin Rate


A Glimpse into the Nebula: What Patch 13.23 Brings to TFT

The starry expanse of TFT presents a challenge with each new dawn. In the 13.23 chapter of our odyssey, certain stars shine brighter than ever, and some are merely waiting for their moment.

Stellar Champions: The Shining Beacons of TFT

To talk about the best champs for TFT in this patch is to explore the champions who not only dominate the board but shape the way the game unfolds.

  1. Karthus
  2. Annie
  3. Briar
  4. Vayne
  5. Aatrox

Crafting the LoL TFT Tier List: The Method to Our Madness

Behind every celestial placement lies a careful consideration, a meticulous evaluation that forms our tier list's very cosmos.

Cosmic Confrontations & Stellar Strategies

Beyond just raw power, the champions that harmonize well with various compositions and tactfully manipulate the game's tempo are the ones that claim the top tiers.

Feedback from the Cosmic Connoisseurs

The TFT universe is teeming with passionate players whose feedback is invaluable. By intertwining their celestial experiences with our own rigorous analyses, we ensure that our tier list remains both accurate and resonant.

The Playmakers of the Galaxy

In the vastness of TFT, champions that can pivot a match, offer versatile synergies, or simply take over a game become the glittering jewels of our list.

Adapting to the Astral Shifts in TFT

The galaxies of TFT are vast and mysterious. As constellations rearrange and new stars are born, adaptability and foresight become the keys to mastering the game. With every patch, a new story unfolds, and champions rise and wane in their cosmic dance.

Concluding Our Galactic Journey

As you forge ahead, traversing the intricate landscapes of TFT, let our TFT Tier List 13.23 be your guiding star. Remember, while tiers can offer direction, it's your strategies and choices that truly mold the outcome. Here's to countless more victories and memorable moments in the galaxies of TFT.