Ultimate LoL Tier List 14.9:
Dominating Ranked and Normal Games

Welcome to our comprehensive League of Legends Tier List, your go-to resource for dominating both Ranked and Normal games. This guide is crafted not just from patch notes and raw data but from extensive gameplay, ensuring relevance for LoL players of all skill levels. Here, you'll discover the best champs to elevate your game, whether you're climbing the ladder or just having fun in normals.

RankRoleNameTierWin RatePick RateBan Rate


Understanding Our LoL Tier List

Our tier list is the product of thorough analysis combined with real, in-game experience from seasoned players. It’s designed to help you quickly identify which champions are the best in the current meta, making your game time more effective and enjoyable.

How We Rank Champions

We categorize champions into five distinct tiers based on their performance across a variety of game modes:

Key Champions in Each Tier

Strategies for Using the Tier List

To make the most out of our tier list, consider your play style, team composition, and the specific dynamics of each match.

Choosing the Right Champion

Adapting to Patches and Updates

League of Legends is constantly evolving, with patches that can shift the meta overnight. Stay updated with our tier list, which we adjust bi-weekly to reflect the latest changes. This will help you adapt and stay ahead in both ranked and normal games.

Why Our Tier List Is Essential for Every LoL Player

Our tier list is more than just a ranking of champions. It’s a strategic tool that informs your selections, helping you understand the current state of the game.

Community Insights and Feedback

We integrate community feedback and expert analysis into our tier list, making it a dynamic, community-driven resource that supports your growth as a player.

Final Thoughts: Master the Meta with Confidence

Whether you’re aiming to climb the ranked ladder or just looking to have a good time in normals, our League of Legends Tier List is here to guide you through the ever-changing landscape of the game. Use this tool to harness the strengths of the best champs and fully enjoy what League has to offer.