LoL Tier List 13.23 :
Navigating the Best Champs in League of Legends

Welcome, Summoners, to our comprehensive League of Legends tier list for patch 13.23. With the game's dynamic nature and the continuous evolution of champion performance, our objective is to guide you through the champions shining brightest in the current meta.

RankRoleNameTierWin RatePick RateBan Rate


An Overview of Patch 13.23's Tier List

Patch 13.23 brought some significant shifts in the meta. With champions rising to dominance and others fading into the backdrop, understanding these changes can offer a competitive edge.

The Pinnacle of Performance

The term "best champs in League of Legends" is subjective, varying based on playstyle, team compositions, and individual preferences. However, based on this patch's data and player feedback, there are a few names that consistently stand out.

  1. Briar
  2. Malphite
  3. Olaf
  4. Sylas
  5. Ashe

Factors Influencing Our League of Legends Tier List

Our tier list isn't just a random collection of opinions. It's based on a myriad of factors that provide a holistic view of each champion's current standing.

Win Rates & Performance Metrics

While the sheer number of victories can paint a part of the picture, delving deeper into individual performances offers a clearer perspective on why some champions are considered the best champs in League of Legends right now.

Community Feedback & Professional Play

It's not all about the numbers. The voices of millions of players worldwide, combined with the strategies seen in professional play, shape our understanding of the meta.

Skill Floor & Skill Ceiling

Some champions offer fantastic rewards but require precision and dedication. Balancing the ease of play with potential impact is crucial for our evaluations.

Adapting to the Ever-Changing World of LoL

Patch 13.23 is just a snapshot of the continuously evolving world of League of Legends. Champions previously considered underwhelming can surge to the forefront in the blink of an eye, while meta titans might see their reign cut short. To stay ahead, it's pivotal to be adaptable, willing to learn, and open to changes. Our tier list aims to be a compass in the vast sea of choices that LoL offers.


Navigating the landscape of League of Legends becomes more manageable with a guiding hand. We hope our LoL Tier List 13.23 aids you in your journey, whether you're diving into the rift for the first or the thousandth time. Always remember, the true strength lies in strategy, adaptation, and the joy of playing.